“May you Plant the seeds that will feed a nation of Souls” – Anthony T. Hinks

Lawless Beef Co. are wholeheartedly committed to assist you to grow and nurture a healthy, happy family.  Lawless Beef Co. do this by helping you source Beef free of additives, hormones and chemicals. Lawless Beef Co. also value transparency and as such openly share
our story, and ‘The Lawless Way’, behind the Beef we produce.

"the lawless way"

Lawless Beef Co. homegrow Shorthorn Beef, and raise the cattle on naurally growing grasses in land adjacent to the Bunya Mountains National Park.


Depending on seasonal conditions and health of the mothers, the calves are yard weaned and handled daily with horses.



When the animals reach a target weight they are handfed Sprouted Barley that we grow on property, daily.

Lawless Beef Co. offer this product knowing it is a winning formula.  Lawless Beef Co. believe that purchasing Lawless Beef will allow you to rest easy with the knowledge that you are providing your family with great tasting and tender Beef, that not only melts in your mouth, but has been ethically and sustainable produced.

We’re always sowing seeds in life with everything we do and say,
And we will surely reap the fruit of what we’re planting everyday.