Lawless Beef Co. is owned by Will and Jodie Lawless on 1100 acres of fertile country running adjacent to the Bunya mountains national park, in Queensland. Both Will and Jodie grew up farming and from a young age participated in all aspects of cattle care.  Will is a 5th generation farmer, who is also a qualified Diesel Fitter.  Jodie, is a Registered Nurse.  Together they have four beautiful children who are also very passionate about life on the land.  Since the purchase of  the family property,  Will and Jodie have worked hard to improve the country, all the while maintaining healthy ecosystems.  As leaving the land in better condition for the next generation is a must for Will and Jodie.  The on farm improvements ensure cattle welfare is of the highest standard. The improvements include:

Providing appropriate watering points.

Fencing which promotes ease of mustering (limiting stress on cattle)

Clean and safe yards

Weed management

Care of the waterways. 

It is important to Will and Jodie, that everyone in the family is encouraged to participate in all aspects of farming and as such, have selected Shorthorn Beef cattle for there lovely temperament to breed and grow.

Will and Jodie also utilise a Fodder Solutions unit to ensure adequate nutrition for the animals. This results in excellent carcass growth, while the cattle remain on a grass – fed diet.  

The fodder solutions unit allows Barley seed to grow in a hydroponic system, to shoots of  Sprouted Barley, which are then hand fed to the cattle.

All inputs within the system are minimised and recycled where applicable as Will and Jodie are very conscious of environmentally friendly initiatives, such as the use of a reticulated watering system and solar panels.

This method of handfeeding, coupled with the daily interaction with the cattle, while time consuming, is an essential component to Lawless Beef Co.  The Shorthorn cattle are so quiet and at peace with human interaction that the herd enjoys simple, peaceful days chewing their cud under the big old grey gums.

When two Irish Brothers voyaged to Australia in 1846 Paul and Clement Lawless planted themselves at Booubyjan Station and Established a mixed Cattle and Sheep enterprise. Since then the Lawless Family have remained at Booubyjan Station and are one of the few in Queensland to occupy an unbroken line of descent. Recently, Will and Jodie 5 th generation of the pioneering graziers have sprouted a paddock to plate enterprise to ensure that the next generation will continue to have farming opportunities within the Beef cattle industry.

It takes a village…

In order to ensure all necessary standards of Safe Food accreditation, we work with local family operated business within our community. Both Belinda and Lincoln at Jimbour Beef and Bacon help to prepare the animal, in a small country facility. It is located in a rural community close to our farm, therefore the time spent during transport is limited.

Likewise, Tony and Sandra at Hamlyns Modern Meats are an integral component of producing Lawless Beef. They are a wealth of knowledge and very particular about meeting individual families
requirements. Tony specialisies in organic meat preparation, and openly shares knowledge and expertise gained from years of working at Hamlyns Modern Meats.