Why choose Lawless Beef Co:

At Lawless Beef Co. we appreciate and value you choosing to purchase from us. Therefore Lawless Beef Co. ensure that every Beef Pack is of highest quality, tailored to your individual health requirements and specific requests (where able).

How do we order and pay:

Lawless Beef Co. like to grow relationships with our customers, and enjoy discussing your individual family requirements with you to ensure that your family is adequately nourished. Therefore orders via our facebook page and messenger, via email are welcomed. In the New Year we will be developing an online farm shop, for online ordering. Simply contact us expressing your interest, and then we can contact you to discuss your requirements. When the order is finalised, you will be emailed an invoice with payment details. We do ask for payment prior to delivery to ensure that there is no wastage of the animal.
When should we expect our delivery:
As providing a consistent quality of Beef is something that is important to Lawless Beef Co., we only process when the animal is ready, and according to the amount of orders received. Lawless Beef Co. currently deliver weekly.

Where do you deliver:

Lawless Beef Co. currently deliver weekly to areas within the Darling Downs and South Burnett region. Lawless Beef Co. also deliver from Yarraman to the Sunshine Coast, Locker Valley, Fassifern Valley and South Brisbane area according to customer enquiry. Please don’t hesitate to contact us prior to ordering as we will try to accommodate your delivery requirements with you wherever possible!
Do I need to be home for my delivery:
Yes, we do ask that you are home for your delivery, and prefer to personally hand our Lawless Beef to you. Being farmers, we are happy to get up when the Rooster Crows and deliver to you before you leave for work, or in the afternoon/early morning. We are also happy to arrange a convenient drop off point such as workplace, school pick up etc. We are very happy to work in with you and accommodate your requirements, where we can.

How do I store Lawless Beef:

Lawless Beef is delivered chilled and fresh. Your Beef comes to you Cryovaced, Labelled with appropriate cut and also the weight and date of packaging. We recommend that your Beef can be stored up to 3 weeks in your refridgerator at a consistent temperature (meat should be monitored throughout this time).   If not consumed in the first couple of weeks we recommend putting it in the freezer where is can be stored for approximately 12 months.  The sausages and steakettes are unable to be cryovaaced and as such do not have the same shelf life.

We recommend to leave in your fridge the following cuts: Roast Beef (sit fat side UP in your fridge) Rib fillet, Eye fillet, Rump steak, Round (or BBQ) steak, oyster blade, casserole beef and gravy beef, Diced Beef, Beef Strip, Mince

We recommend to place the following cuts in the freezer: Sausages – as they contain NO preservatives so need to be frozen straight away. Nitrite free corned Silverside. We also recommend all cuts containing bone are frozen. This includes T-bone, Y-bone, Rib eye on the bone, Beef ribs, Osso Bucco

* The bone can release a gas that restricts the cryovac from working as normal, also it can pierce the bag.

What comes in the Beef Pack:
This will depend on the order that you place- whether it be a side of beef, hindquarter, forequarter or 10 kg pack. Our most popular pack is the 10 kg Pack. This has standard inclusion, however where we are able to we will customise your pack to ensure families individual nutritional requirements are met. We are always looking to improve and as welcome any feedback you have or any ideas that you think would make your experience with us even better!

Do you have a cancellation policy?:

Lawless Beef Co. value our customers and welcome you to discuss any concerns prior to ordering. Lawless Beef are unable provide refunds, once an order has been placed. . If you have any queries please contact us at or (07) 41646189